ATC Tutor Registration

All ATC tutors must:

1) register with ATC by clicking here, and

2) obtain official approval as an Alexandria City Public School (ACPS) volunteer by undergoing a background check.

New Volunteers

Go to this link and scroll down to where it says “Apply to Volunteer (English)”:

As you complete the form, select All Elementary Schools (#3), select Tutor (Reading) (#4), and type in ATC (#5).

You will receive an email from Raptor System stating that you have been approved as a volunteer.  Please forward that email to

Returning Tutors

a) If your volunteer approval is up-to-date (if you obtained it in the last 24 months), you are current and you have nothing to do at this time.  At the expiration date, you will receive an email reminding you to renew.

b) If you are not sure of your status or you know you need to renew, follow the directions above for New Volunteers.  If you are not due for renewal yet, the system will let you know.  If you are due for renewal, apply, and receive a “you have been renewed as a volunteer” email, please forward that email to

Note that ACPS switched to a new volunteer portal (Raptor Technologies). Old volunteer cards/badges no longer work, and new badges will not be issued. The first time you enter a school, you will need to present a government-issued ID to the front office staff. After that, each time you go to the school you will sign in at a computer and a sticker badge will be printed for you.