ATC Staff

ATC has an outstanding group of leaders and former teachers ensuring each child served by the Book Buddies program has the best opportunity to read and succeed.

Lisa Jacobs, Executive Director

Lisa has led ATC since 2018, formerly working as a case manager in Congressman Don Beyer’s District Office. A long-time volunteer in the public schools, Lisa has extensive experience leading organizations, recruiting and managing volunteers, raising money, and forming partnerships within the Alexandria community.

Alison Jones, Program Advisor

With a Masters of Teaching with a certification in Elementary Education from the University of Virginia’s School of Education, and experience as a former community college adjunct instructor, elementary school instructional coach, and classroom teacher whose students participated in Book Buddies, Alison has shared her expertise on best practices in literary instruction as ATC’s program leader since 2018.


Jessica Klein, Communications Director

Currently certified in Elementary Education and in Teaching English as a Second Language, Jessica is a former ACPS teacher and former Book Buddies Coordinator. She leads ATC communications with a Master of Arts in Elementary Education Curriculum and Instruction and an undergraduate degree in English.

Book Buddies Coordinators

Kristin Bailey

A recent 1st grade Alexandria teacher with a Masters of Education in Literacy Leadership in Diverse Schools and certified as a Reading Specialist, Kristin has been with ATC since 2021.

Debbie Glenn

With ATC since 2018, Debbie is a former classroom teacher in grades 2-8 in the Denver Public Schools with a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education.

Molly Hall

Molly, a former K-3 classroom teacher with a B.A. in elementary education and twelve years’ experience in Alexandria and Phoenix, Arizona schools, has led ATC’s program at Ramsay since 2018 when she helped create the Kindergarten Book Buddies program.

Stephanie Harris

A former elementary school special education teacher in Fairfax County and Knoxville, Tennessee with a Masters of Science in Education, Stephanie joined ATC’s staff in 2019.

Courtney Lombardi

A former preschool and elementary classroom teacher with 25 years’ experience teaching and a Masters in Elementary Education, Courtney loves working with both students and adults and has been with ATC since 2019.

Molly O’Brien

Joining the ATC team in 2022, Molly brings ten years of teaching and leadership experience in the field of Special Education and has a Master’s Degree in Secondary Mathematics and Special Education plus certification in School Administration.

Katharine Smeallie

Katharine, a former middle school teacher and kindergarten paraprofessional with a Masters in English Education, has been with ATC since 2013 as a professional coordinator and also has served as a volunteer tutor almost every year since 2008.

Leah Wilson

Starting in 2009 as a tutor and becoming a coordinator in 2013, Leah is a former Title 1 Reading Teacher with a Masters of Education in Reading, Writing and Literacy. She has Reading Specialist, Elementary Education, and Hearing Impairment certifications.

Jen Zarnowiecki

With experience teaching preschool, Grades 2, 4 & 5 and Special Education, and a Masters in Curriculum Development, Jen joins ATC for the 2022-2023 school year.