Statement of Values

Devotion to Children 

Broadly, all children have a right to be cared for and prepared to succeed in life. By our mission, we are devoted to helping students identified by their teachers as struggling to read.  Improving reading skills at an early age is a critical element in improving a student’s achievement potential.  That we have a role in helping them on the path to a productive life is a privilege. Ours is a commitment made in 1996 to help early elementary children achieve grade level reading and have fun doing so. Toward that end, we “go the extra mile” to meet challenges that come our way, always working to serve more children in cooperation with the children’s teachers and the leadership of Alexandria City Public Schools.

Equity and Inclusivity

Literacy is essential for a just and equitable society.  By helping children learn to read, ATC contributes to eliminating racial and social inequities and bringing about justice and equality for all.  Our public schools serve a richly diverse population, and we tutor children referred to our program without discrimination.  Likewise, we welcome and encourage the involvement of all persons who share our commitment to helping all of Alexandria’s children achieve their full potential. The Alexandria Tutoring Consortium, Inc. is committed to nondiscrimination with regard to race, creed, color, national origin, ancestry, ethnicity, disability, religion, political affiliation, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, gender expression, age, pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions, marital or parental status, genetic information, military status or any other characteristic protected by state or federal law.


We focus on successfully preparing children for a lifetime of reading proficiency. The ability to read is consequential in society. Research led ATC to adopt the effective Book Buddies curriculum. Working with teachers, we apply criteria to identify students for the program, we weekly assess their progress, and account for the program with the school system and with our donors. We will make operational shifts in our program if the result will be greater program effectiveness.  Ultimately, we rely on data to make program improvements in response to student needs. We monitor the child’s progress and adjust the lesson plan accordingly. Through success we build confidence among school system professionals, the families of students, and the larger community whose financial and spiritual support is essential to sustaining the program.


We will be forthright in our dealings with children, schools, volunteers, each other, and the broader community. We are a conscientious steward of our limited resources and always strive to do more with less. We at all times respect others in the community and act with integrity in all matters and with transparency and honesty in carrying out our stated mission. Borrowing from another organization, “If we let our mission guide us, we will choose the right thing to do.”


We are an active part of Alexandria’s community of families, educators, businesses, and institutions. We are advocates of the public schools and partner with the school system, its trained reading instructors, volunteers, and donors. These relationships are sustained by active engagement and open communications both within the ATC organization and with so many in the community who are essential to the program’s success.